Jan 20

Betcha didn’t know… #1

I bet you did not know that our BigGantt plugin for JIRA is the highest rated Gantt chart plugin on the market. In its relatively short life, BigGantt has grown to become an asset downloaded close to 11 000 times and gained top ranked position.

We’re not surprised though. We knew that the time and effort spent on delivering a product which would effectively save time by visualizing and managing data in customizable Gantt chart, would result in positive feedback and happy users.

Active installs growth over past 180 days

Active installs growth over past 180 days

Honestly, we could brag and gloat for another few paragraphs but showing customers’ endorsement seems to be the better choice here. Both testimonials were posted by our clients on Atlassian Marketplace review page.

Excellent addition to JIRA which really helps for those people who are so used to seeing a gantt chart view of the project structure. To date , BigGantt has received regular updates which continue to add features and introduce refinements. I’ve had to contact the developers a few times for help with minor issues and the support has always been extremely prompt and helpful with the issues seen through to conclusion, absolute top marks in this area. If you’re after a gantt chart view of your JIRA projects then I would definitely recommend you check BigGantt.

Andrew Lobban

I simply love this tool. Does a lot of what you would expect from a gantt chart add-on. In my opinion it surpasses higher priced add-ons and offers greater flexibility than most. On top of all this, they offer very good support! Keep on the good work.

Sebastien Desautels

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