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Atlassian Team Tour, Berlin 2018

Atlassian Team Tour Berlin

A great day in Berlin at the Atlassian Team Tour1. Interesting presentations from Atlassian and use case stories from Jira users from a variety of industries. Free beer. Plus an excellent opportunity to catch up with Solution Partners.

1 Atlassian is touring 10 world cities, Feb to Apr 2018 to promote teamwork – Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, London, Austin, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, Sydney and New York.

Late hours

catWorkX grow your own sunflower gift

catWorkX ingenius gift, grow your own sunflower, soil and seed included. So water is all you need. Check the below picture of grown plants.

An amazing location – Atlassian Team Tour took place in the very heart of Berlin, next to Brandenburg Gate, a few minutes from Potsdamer Platz on 15th February 2018. Guess at what time did the event begin… Surprisingly, it all took off as late as 1 p.m., to finish at 7 p.m., including socializing.

What amazed us? The architecture of AXICA Convention Center – Pariser Platz 3.


Euro 49 per person, for all sessions, swag and networking.

Atlassian, however, did not use their usual egalitarianism this time. They accepted two out of three names we submitted for the event.


Key points of discussion at Atlassian Team Tour Berlin

Team Playbook

Intended to cure sicknesses in teams, Team Playbook plugin for Confluence is there to identify issues that stop teams from being dynamic and enthusiastic.

While the plugin’s website with its “Already know why you’re struggling?” section is undoubtedly helpful, we couldn’t resist a feeling Atlassian used the event to heavily promote Team Playbook. We must admit, however, that Atlassian used the word “team” evenly throughout the entire event.

AXICA Congress Convention Center Berlin

Impressive architecture of AXICA Congress and Convention Center. 100 m from Brandenburger Tor.

FlixBus case

A premier bus transportation company in Germany, presented the Jira users’ point of view. They literally stated that without the effective issue tracking of Jira, they would have never been able to operate that logistically comprehensive business.

T-Systems case

We take the liberty of quoting them directly: T-Systems is the global IT consulting branch of Deutsche Telecom. Hear from Markus Willner and Manuel Sandke about how they’re helping companies large and small go agile with the Atlassian suite.

Networking Happy Hour

“Mix, mingle, network, sell SoftwarePlant PPM apps. Plus free beer.  5 to 7 p.m.” – our delegates’ point of view.

“You’ve got to be listening to our Solution Partners”, “Keeping our finger on the pulse of Atlassian Community” – surely the Atlassian’s point of view.


Big names present at Atlassian Team Tour Berlin

eazyBi napkin

eazyBi sponsored beer and provided these useful napkins.


Atlassian Team Tour, speech, audience

The question of the SoftwarePlant deputy got answered during the Q&A session.


Brandenburg Gate by night

As Atlassian Team Tour ended at 7 p.m. we left AXICA only to see this wonderful vista – Brandenburger Tor.


Four-node cluster of catWorkX flowers.

Four-node cluster of catWorkX plants one month after the event.


The good news

Sep 2020
The integration with Trello arriving in BigPicture 8, paves the way for BP to “umbrella portfolio management” league. Let teams in your organization enjoy the tools they love, yet keep an eye on the big picture with Gantt charts, Roadmaps, Program Boards that BigPicture has. More on the new Trello-BigPicture interface.

Sep 2020
The release of BigPicture 8 is fast approaching. So far, we’ve debated on new features version 8 is bringing, such as [Boxes], new Gantt chart 2.0, and Scenarios. Let’s have a closer look at the practical aspect – how to upgrade to BigPicture 8 if you’re on version 7.

Aug 2020
Lately, there seems to be a trend of letting teams keep the tools they love. At this point ‘umbrella’ portfolio management software must step in. Umbrella-style BigPicture 8 has flexible [Boxes] rather than programs, and these boxes can source tasks from Trello and Jira Cloud/Server instances. Azure DevOps and Rally integrations will follow. Check CEO’s, PM’s, team member’s, and admin’s perspectives on BigPicture 8.

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