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Meet us at Atlassian Summit Europe 2018!

SoftwarePlant at Atlassian Summit Europe

Atlassian Summit Europe 2018, here we come!

Come see us at booth G12 and learn more about BigPicture, our PPM app! If you’re interested in Agile, Waterfall, or anything in between, we’d love to chat with you and find out how our software can help you achieve your goals.

Atlassian Summit in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain, the host of this year’s Atlassian Summit Europe

¡Hola Barcelona!

Atlassian Summit in Barcelona is just around the corner, and we at SoftwarePlant are already packing our bags and preparing our company stand for the big event. As a company that specializes in creating software for project managers and PMOs, we obviously treat Summit very seriously. After all, it’s not often that both our Partners and users from all around Europe (and the world!) are in the same place at the same time. So, what’s there to look forward to this year?

All About Team Innovation

Year after year, Atlassian strives to unleash the potential of every team. But what does that mean, exactly? According to the Australian giant, each of the teams that uses their software could be on the brink of creating the next best thing. It’s up to Atlassian to provide the right tools to create a transparent, efficient process. In other words, great teamwork leads to innovation. Of course, project management software is a crucial part of the journey.

Atlassian Partners and Vendors

Meet up with Atlassian Partners and Vendors on Partner Day

Partner Day

Atlassian’s Partner Day is an integral part of Atlassian Summit Europe. Partners and Marketplace Vendors (like us!) will have a chance to mingle and discuss all things project management. This year’s edition will take place on September 3rd, and we can’t wait to learn, share experiences, and meet new people.

So Much to Learn, So Little Time

If it’s knowledge you’re after, you’re in luck. With over 60 sessions and various industry groups to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something that works for your team, process, and software of choice. Atlassian classifies Summit Sessions by either Track, like Admin, Custom Fit, and Teams & Culture, or by product, offering dedicated sessions about Jira, Trello, Bitbucket, and more.

Trained and Certified

Are you a beginner who’s just starting out their Atlassian journey? Or perhaps an expert who knows your Jira issues from your Trello cards? Whatever your level of proficiency, you can choose a training session that’s right for you. After you’re done soaking up product and process knowledge, you can take the official exam and prove just how much of a project management aficionado you really are.



September 3-5, 2018



Fira Barcelona Gran Via

Hall 8

Barcelona, Spain

The full schedule is available here.


The good news

Dec 2020
Hybrid, agile-classic organizations might soon dominate the business landscape. Project Management Institute claims that hybrid is the next step, after agile. How does the umbrella software, such as BigPicture 8, make hybridity a reality? More

Nov 2020
BigPicture 8 has been on the market since September. Watch this one-hour webinar to learn what new modules and improvements the Eight delivers.

Sep 2020
The integration with Trello arriving in BigPicture 8, paves the way for BP to “umbrella portfolio management” league. Let teams in your organization enjoy the tools they love, yet keep an eye on the big picture with Gantt charts, Roadmaps, Program Boards that BigPicture has. More on the new Trello-BigPicture interface.


We participated in

2020.06.30 | Team Up Forum by K15t and Scandio
2020.06.25-26 | Atlassian Days Brasil by OAT Solutions
2019.11.27-28 | More than Jira by Info Design | Warsaw
2019.11.26 | catWorkX Atlassian Symposium | Vienna
2019.09.09-10 | Atlassian Open | Vienna
2019.06.18-19 | catWorkX Midsummer Day | Hamburg
2019.05.16 | Atlassian Team Tour | Stockholm
2019.03.28 | Atlassian in Baltics 2019 by Trinidad Wiseman | Tallinn
2018.11.20 | Digital Workplace Summit 2018 by Communardo | Munich
2018.11.14-15 | Deiser Enterprise Day | Madrid
2018.11.12-16 | Atlassian App Week: Cloud & Data Center | Amsterdam
2017.10.02-06 | SAFe Summit
2017.06.21 | CatWorkX Midusmmer Day, Hamburg

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