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#Apps-for-every-team. How to understand Atlassian’s new campaign?

‘Apps for every team’ is a Marketplace campaign by Atlassian in May-June 2020. While the campaign is full of clichés, it’s good to stop and think what hidden messages does Atlassian send to the public? Also, do apps suitable for every team even exist?

Apps for every team Atlassian MarketplaceFirst, a couple of facts:

  • ‘Apps for every team’ Marketplace Campaign
  • May-June 2020
  • Key messages
    • Whether you are in HR, IT, or R&D, the Atlassian Marketplace has apps to tailor Atlassian tools to your team
    • thousands of apps and integrations to choose from
    • many of them work in the cloud, SaaS model (~you don’t need a Jira server)
  • Four team categories are addressed: IT, Software, Design, and Business teams
  • #apps-for-every-team, #appsforeveryteam

Now, what message is Atlassian trying to convey?

In lockdowns, we hold to libertarian ideas

And quite frankly, we know how these ideas prove right, in the long term ;) In other words: thanks to third-party apps, Jira and Confluence have a bright future ahead. Flexible enough for a new deal, Atlassian is here and very strong, and we don’t even consider going out of business.

‘Extensibility of the Atlassian Marketplace’ or ‘tailor Atlassian tools to the unique teams’… these are excerpts from the ‘Apps for every team’ media plan. Don’t they imply how unpredictable the future Atlassian sees ahead of the market? By all means, to promote Atlassian Marketplace, instead of the core of Atlassian portfolio, is legit in the first half of 2020, with the anticipated recession, the whole oversupply, and a large number of players in the issue tracking/project management software market.

We’re again turning toward niches

During the roaring 2018 and 2019 Atlassian bet on Data Center hosting and corporate clients. But now the situation is entirely different. With the leapfrog of home offices and remote work, Atlassian is again turning toward niches, emerging technologies, and startups, many of whom consist of teams of up to 50 individuals. We are incredibly flexible, ready for the unknown, and all these plugins available from the Marketplace let you build a highly-customized piece of software for a fraction of price. This is how #appsforeveryteam essentially sounds.


Not just ‘apps’, but also ‘integrations’

Everybody knows apps, a.k.a. plugins or add-ons that build on Jira and Confluence. In the ‘Apps for every team’ campaign, however, Atlassian talks a lot about ‘integrations’, too. ‘Over 4,000 apps and integrations in the Marketplace’ – they say. ‘Connect your designs from Adobe XD, InVision and Figma to @Jira and @Confluence’ is another quote.

What does it all mean? The market is full. There are plenty of sophisticated solutions. It’s time to integrate existing solutions rather than build new ones from scratch. That’s another trend for the 2020s.

Paraphrasing the ‘Apps for every team’ slogan

The ‘Apps for every team’ slogan can be understood in quite a different way. Could there be cases of apps that are suitable for each and every team? One such category is project/product management. Each team runs projects, right? But some teams might be entirely agile, while others might veer towards waterfall or hybrid methodologies. So the more ‘universal’ a PM app, the better. One such universal solution is BigPicture. Indeed, it’s useful for every team – from HR to R&D. See the video below.


Are you Agile, Waterfall or Hybrid?

Jira BigPicture logo


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And one more thing, the official #Apps-for-every-team campaign video:

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