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Jira Certified trainers from SoftwarePlant

Atlassian Certified Professional

Our Jira trainers are certified by Atlassian. Check out BigPicture training courses. Designed by iconicbestiary / Freepik

Our trainers are now Atlassian Certified!

Quite a few different certifications exist within the Atlassian Certified Professional program. One of our trainers has recently earned the ACP-100 Jira Certified Administrator badge, and he shares his thoughts…

Why to go for ACP-100 badge?

In my case the rationale behind this was I’m a BigPicture Jira app trainer and the ACP-100 Jira Administrator skills will help me customize & configure the Jira environments for my trainees. Check out our training offer for Jira.

Doesn’t the “ACP-300 Agile Development with Jira Software” certification look more appropriate for the trainer like me? Yes, but do notice what Atlassian says: the certification is aimed at systematizing and internalizing the competences recently acquired. The PPM skills have already been my second nature as I had had the project management background…

Do I need to travel for the certification exam?

I was positively surprised that for the ACP-100 Atlassian Certified Professional exam I had not to travel outside… Warsaw, the city where I live and certainly not being a global destination. How come? While you need to be there in person, the examinations take place at Atlassian Partners’ premises (for that day transforming into Kryterion testing centers) spread around the world, say in Moscow.

How long will my Jira certification last?

18 months. The good news however is that you can renew online. Even better, you can renew your original certification by learning new skills, e.g. obtaining the so-called related Badge. To renew the ACP-100 Jira Administrator certification you could obtain, before 18 months from the original certification have passed, one of the below related badges:

  • Atlassian Certified Badges:
    • Advanced Jira Workflows
    • Jira Reporting and Dashboards
  • Atlassian Skills Badges:
    • Email in Jira
    • Scaling Jira

While both types of certification take place online, you get the Certified Badge under a supervision (“proctored” as Atlassian calls that) through an internet camera and you obtain the Skill Badge without the supervision.

Does retaking the failed exam cost money?

Certificate of Atlassian Certified Jira Administrator

Pictured is the certificate of one of our trainers.

Yes, with roughly a 60% discount. I passed the first time. You need to be JQL-proficient for Jira Certified Administrator. They recommend 2 to 3 years of experience with the Jira administration.

What else will they ask you? Check the below PDF for questions. During the 3-hour exam they will set roughly 70 to 80 questions, and 65 per cent of the questions answered correctly will get you there. Good luck!


ACP-100 Jira Administration questions


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