SoftwarePlant is a vendor of an innovative project portfolio management suite integrating with a variety of task management platforms such as Jira, Trello and Tempo.

SoftwarePlant team

The party of 40 gathers every day at the cozy Warsaw office.

About SoftwarePlant

Established as a start-up in 2015 by founders Michal Niwinski and Tomasz Kucharski, SoftwarePlant has since exploded to a staff of over 35 dynamic and talented individuals developing a suite of six exciting portfolio project management apps, demonstrating SoftwarePlant as a prime example of today’s young entrepreneurial tech company successfully bringing cutting-edge products to market.

At SoftwarePlant we practise what we preach in terms of our approach to development by embracing Scaled Agile Framework practices, a formula which has driven our growth and led to market success.

As SoftwarePlant continues to expand, so do our ambitions. As well as sustained commitment to developing our existing suite of apps, our project pipeline contains a range of dynamic add-ons designed for use with popular platforms such as Trello and TFS by Microsoft. A massive boost is that our flagship, BigPicture, integrates and synchronises with Tempo, the largest vendor within the Atlassian Ecosystem, to meet demand for project portfolio management capabilities enhanced by time tracking and resource management features.

SoftwarePlant is committed to developing and supporting valued relationships with our global Partners and within the Atlassian community. We offer a range of benefits including training on our apps to assist our Partners to most effectively serve their customers.

Poland has gained a reputation for the skills of its software engineers who are in demand worldwide. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics projections, the US will have trained enough computer science graduates to fill only 30% of the jobs available by 2020 with the skills gap expected to be filled by recruitment from abroad1. In 2016 HackerRank ranked Polish developers 3rd in the world, behind Russia and China. This compares to the US being ranked a mere 28th!

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We work in fully Agile manner, use our own tools and deploy cutting-edge technologies. Automated code audit and Continuous Delivery process allow us to release a top-notch version without fails.