Oct 19

Abolish JIRA limitations with BigPicture

Adcash is one of the market leaders in the global digital advertising industry. Our platform connects advertisers and publishers with various desktop, mobile and in-app solutions that are reliable and guarantee results.

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Company: Adcash

Industry: digital advertising

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Product: bp_blog


Our platform is driven by our clients’ success, which is supported by our substantial experience gained from 10 years in the business. We have created unique data-driven technological solutions that enable superior targeting, fast and tailor-made ad serving and real-time optimization.

BigPicture is a powerful tool that can be an essential in organization where cross-team projects are the norm. With its Gant visualization and possibility to unify into programs various Jira projects one could mitigate the possibility to neglect any part of a complex project and thus maintain sharp focus at all times.

With the growth of Adcash and with the constant diversification of our offering more and more cross-team projects have emerged. As many companies in a similar situation Adcash has faced limitation of the Jira setup they’ve had with every team managing their own projects. This has led to misalignment of teams and lack of sync on the project plans. Not only that but if one would try to put together a “big picture” view of the current track in an easily presentable way it would prove to be an extremely tedious task.

This has set Adcash on the lookout for products that could alleviate these pain points and BigPicture has been identified as a good option. Even though at that point of time, about a year and something back, BigPicture did not offer as much as it does now it did quickly become a must for every cross-team initiative we start.

With its possibility now to use team boards as scope, to define teams and narrow down your scope to a set of epics and/or tasks spread across multiple Jira projects a project manager could be as flexible as they see fit in their planning.

All and all everybody in Adcash is constantly on the look-out for how to make the best of our toolset and BigPicture being an important part of it we might as well be changing our processes around it at some point of time.


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Marcin Nowak, Head of Design at SoftwarePlant