Take your Portfolio, Product, and Project Management to the next level. Whatever Agile, Classic, or Hybrid methodologies you work in, BigPicture will immensely increase your effectiveness and efficiency.


Customizable program fields, better issue linking, portfolio-level reporting, improved Resources view and Risk matrix, blazingly fast performance, unmatched stability, user-friendly UI and much more!

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Gantt charts for Trello

Refined in Jira and now available as a Trello Power-Up, BigPicture Gantt charts empower you to schedule tasks on a timeline and manage the work-breakdown structure of your project.

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BigGantt not only allows you to create, schedule and analyze your tasks; it also allows you to search and embed epics and stories from other Jira projects. Add milestones and review the critical path.

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The exporting solution

Not only does BigTemplate extend the BigPicture’s export mechanism, but it also adds a 1-click export option to Jira tasks, allowing you to download them in a nice-looking, predefined template. Download, print, done!

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8 Most Common Mistakes Users Make in BigPicture

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