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Project portfolio management

Organize your teams’ work and plan a cadence-based roadmap. Arrange tasks using a drag&drop interface and export to Excel. The Gantt, Risk, Roadmap and Resources modules give you all the necessary information regarding various aspects of your project so you can make the right decisions at the right time.

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  • BigPicture program set-up
  • BigPicture roadmap
  • BigPicture manage teams
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Customizable program fields, better issue linking, portfolio-level reporting, improved Resources view and Risk matrix, blazingly fast performance, unmatched stability, user-friendly UI and much more—all built on top of the famous BigPicture as Enterprise’s core.

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  • BigPicture Enterprise manage teams
  • BigPicture Enterprise global teams
  • BigPicture holiday plan
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Atlassian Marketplace Vendor of the Year 2017


BigGantt not only allows you to create, schedule and analyze your tasks; it also allows you to search and embed epics and stories from other Jira projects. Add milestones and review the critical path. This tailored solution suits the specific needs of those who require only Gantt charts.

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  • Gantt chart dependencies
  • BigGantt Gantt chart
  • BigGantt tasks
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The exporting solution

Advanced exporting comes to Jira! Not only does BigTemplate extend the BigPicture’s export mechanism, but it also adds a 1-click export option to Jira tasks, allowing you to download them in a nice-looking, predefined template. Download, print, done—paperwork and dabbling in Word are gone.

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  • BigTemplate Jira app administration
  • Jira export templates
  • Map Jira fields
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This plugin allows you to define your own, custom types of user roles. Introduce a clear-cut hierarchy and assign different permission schemes, all separately for each component. What’s more, you can tie each role into different transition functions, like changing the assignee of issues inside a component automatically.

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  • Role Extensions edit role
  • Sample Scrum project
  • Role Extensions validators
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Gantt charts for Trello

Refined in Jira and now available as a Trello Power-Up, BigPicture Gantt charts empower you to schedule tasks on a timeline and manage the work-breakdown structure of your project. Milestones, markers, critical path and several other views let you quickly evaluate the status of your project.

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  • Menu Views BigPicture for Trello
  • Trello Gantt charts
  • BigPicture power-up button on Trello board

Need custom Jira plugins or other software development? Save some money by outsourcing to some of the world’s best in Poland.

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We are a Polish company developing advanced project management tools and systems based around the Atlassian Jira ecosystem. Our products are utilized by more than 3 million users worldwide, and this number is growing as steadily as our company. We work in a fully Agile manner, build our own tools and deploy cutting-edge technologies. Automated code audits and continuous delivery processes allow us to release new versions every week.


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